Who is required to take an ACLS course?

First lets discuss the elements of ACLS. Advanced Cardiac Life Support is a course designed for certain healthcare professionals that go beyond the basics of generalized life support. Paramedics teach techniques and strategies to assist those victims of cardiac arrest. If you are one of these healthcare providers that are required to take this course, then you will need to re-certify every 2 years. To obtain the AHA ACLS certification, you must attend a class and complete the required hours as well as take and pass an exam. There is a cognitive and psycho-motor skills and written examination.

This course is designed for physicians, EMT, paramedics, nurses and many other allied healthcare providers. Their scope of practice usually requires the ACLS certification. Even if your job doesn’t require Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification, you may want to attend a course to further your academic background. The AHA certification instills skills and knowledge which will produce dividends year in and year out. You may want to inquire about upcoming PALS courses (Pediatric Advanced Life Support). The Atlanta Medical Academy provides class seven days a week.

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