Saving Lives

The American Heart Association has been very active in their endeavor to save lives. The ACLS certification is definitely one of the top courses when it comes to saving the cardiac arrest victim. Advanced airway maneuvers coupled with excellent CPR and medication administration, have been proven to be extremely effective. Monitoring waveform capnography has aided in the quality of our CPR efforts as we attempt to resuscitate an individual. The medical community as a whole has been reluctant to accept technology as a way of improving return of spontaneous circulation.

Anesthesiologist have utilized waveform capnography for years in the operating room. If this technology is accepted in the operating room, you would think it would be welcomed throughout the entire medical community. The Lucas CPR device has some promising data as well for the emergency medical community. EMT courses are integrating this education and training into their programs as a way of preparing new EMTs to succeed in saving lives. At this point, it is anyone’s guess as to what the future will hold as we move onto greater technological advances. One thing is for sure, we will innovate and continue to look for new technologies to increase the chance for saving the cardiac arrest victim.

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