Chimney Repair

Chimney Roofing Repair

A chimney is considered as an integral part of a home. It adds an exit for smoke from the house as warmth is delivered through traditional means by burning firewood. This structure adds functionality and design to a home, acting as a classical touch that’s common back in the 18th century. However, maintenance is also important in having a chimney in your home.

What is a Chimney?

A chimney is a part of a house made to provide ventilation or as an exit for smoke or gases coming from a furnace, fireplace or stove. Usually constructed vertically, chimneys come in all sorts of design and can be made from different kinds of materials. This shape ensures that the gas and smoke flow evenly while drawing the air into the combustion. Though chimneys can also be found in locomotives and ships, home chimneys are unique in their own way in doing maintenance, repair and improvements.

What are Some Common Problems with a Chimney?

There are a number of problems associated with home chimney systems. Doing maintenance or roofing repair is a challenge for most people. Here are just some of the problems with chimney roofing and how to deal with them.

Creosote – These are deposits found on the lining of the chimney. As wood is burned, soot is deposited on the chimney’s inner linings. This makes a black or dark brown tar which sticks to the flue. Creosote is dangerous since it’s flammable and can potentially cause chimney fires. This can also back up smoke and allow it to enter your house. Proper cleaning of the chimney should be observed to prevent this.chimney-leak

Blocking Debris – Aside from creosote, debris can also clog the chimney and cause problems. It can sometimes be a bird’s nest or damaged masonry after a chimney isn’t used for a long time. Make yearly inspections to make sure there are no clogs in your chimney.

Damaged Flue – The lining of the chimney is important as it not only guides smoke and gas out of your home but also prevents heat from seeping into your home. A damaged flue should be repaired as soon as possible since this may cause combustible material in your home to ignite as heat makes contact.

Damaged Masonry – Depending on the construction, the masonry of your chimney may be damaged throughout the years. Moisture, heat and wind are top factors as to why chimney masonry is often damaged. Repairs should be made to prevent collapse of the chimney system.

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