The way the medical industry is approaching online marketing is baffling to say the least. Search engine optimization and Advanced Cardiac Life Support are worlds apart, but they are semantically related as well. The success of the SEO expert is in direct relation with the survival of his or her business.  Such as ACLS is in relation to the survival of a cardiac arrest victim. Both are different, but require great understanding as well as attention to detail.

ACLS Certification Course:

  • Must understand Cardiology
  • I.V. Skills and proficiency
  • CPR skills and knowledge

Search Engine Expert:

  • Must understand Google
  • Analytical thinking required
  • Familiarization with Google webmaster tools

As we can see, these two crafts are semantically related in there significance and approach. With adequate training and education, there is very little success. To be successful at ACLS or SEO you have to dedicate time and effort to the job at hand. Last but not least, be sure to view educational material and attend training seminars.


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