Chimney Repair

Chimney Roofing Repair

A chimney is considered as an integral part of a home. It adds an exit for smoke from the house as warmth is delivered through traditional means by burning firewood. This structure adds functionality and design to a home, acting as a classical touch that’s common back in the 18th century. However, maintenance is also important in having a chimney in your home.

What is a Chimney?

A chimney is a part of a house made to provide ventilation or as an exit for smoke or gases coming from a furnace, fireplace or stove. Usually constructed vertically, chimneys come in all sorts of design and can be made from different kinds of materials. This shape ensures that the gas and smoke flow evenly while drawing the air into the combustion. Though chimneys can also be found in locomotives and ships, home chimneys are unique in their own way in doing maintenance, repair and improvements.

What are Some Common Problems with a Chimney?

There are a number of problems associated with home chimney systems. Doing maintenance or roofing repair is a challenge for most people. Here are just some of the problems with chimney roofing and how to deal with them.

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Electronic Muscle Stimulator

There are many muscle simulators on the market today. With so many to choose from, how do you select the perfect stimulator for you? This can be very difficult because many manufactures claim to have the best product on the market. The truth is testimonials are the defining factor for many individuals who choose to purchase an electronic muscle stimulator. If you read the fine print in the warranty and returns section, you will see that the more reputable companies will have an unbelievable return policy. Look for the manufacturer’s website and avoid wholesalers and those websites where they are many different brands of muscle stimulators being sold.

As you search the web, you may find the acronym EMS which stands for Electronic Muscle Stimulator. continues to be the leader in the industry of electronic muscle stimulators. Their muscle stimulator is second to none. Unlike most muscle stimulators, they have been testing and perfecting their product for 30 plus years. Their Muscle Stimulator has produced some of the greatest results in the field health and fitness. Should you need an extra edge to help you achieve the six pack you desire, please do your due diligence when selecting your electronic muscle stimulator.

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Who is required to take an ACLS course?

First lets discuss the elements of ACLS. Advanced Cardiac Life Support is a course designed for certain healthcare professionals that go beyond the basics of generalized life support. Paramedics teach techniques and strategies to assist those victims of cardiac arrest. If you are one of these healthcare providers that are required to take this course, then you will need to re-certify every 2 years. To obtain the AHA ACLS certification, you must attend a class and complete the required hours as well as take and pass an exam. There is a cognitive and psycho-motor skills and written examination.

This course is designed for physicians, EMT, paramedics, nurses and many other allied healthcare providers. Their scope of practice usually requires the ACLS certification. Even if your job doesn’t require Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification, you may want to attend a course to further your academic background. The AHA certification instills skills and knowledge which will produce dividends year in and year out. You may want to inquire about upcoming PALS courses (Pediatric Advanced Life Support). The Atlanta Medical Academy provides class seven days a week.

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Saving Lives

The American Heart Association has been very active in their endeavor to save lives. The ACLS certification is definitely one of the top courses when it comes to saving the cardiac arrest victim. Advanced airway maneuvers coupled with excellent CPR and medication administration, have been proven to be extremely effective. Monitoring waveform capnography has aided in the quality of our CPR efforts as we attempt to resuscitate an individual. The medical community as a whole has been reluctant to accept technology as a way of improving return of spontaneous circulation.

Anesthesiologist have utilized waveform capnography for years in the operating room. If this technology is accepted in the operating room, you would think it would be welcomed throughout the entire medical community. The Lucas CPR device has some promising data as well for the emergency medical community. EMT courses are integrating this education and training into their programs as a way of preparing new EMTs to succeed in saving lives. At this point, it is anyone’s guess as to what the future will hold as we move onto greater technological advances. One thing is for sure, we will innovate and continue to look for new technologies to increase the chance for saving the cardiac arrest victim.

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Chronic Obstructed Pulmonary Disease

Some common symptoms of asthma include a whistling or wheezing sound when you breathe, coughing especially a dry, persistent cough, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. Not everyone will have the same asthma symptoms. People will have diverse symptoms and act on it in many different ways. Many people with asthma are more likely to have symptoms at night or early in the morning when awaking. People with asthma usually have a bad cough rather than wheezing. Wheezing is more common in children. For some people asthma can be worse within the seasons. People with asthma have also noticed that playing sports or exercising can trigger many symptoms. Pollen, dust, and smoke are really sensitive to people with asthma and triggers it right away. Some other common symptom of asthma is common chest colds or frequent bouts of acute bronchitis. In reality, a third and two thirds of people who have been diagnosed with bronchitis may actually have asthma. Managing your asthma is important so that you may have few or no symptoms in the first place.

Keeping you asthma under control is very important and will better your health. Knowing your symptoms and understanding your asthma is one of the very first steps. Recognizing early symptoms can help prevent an asthma attack because they will sneak up on you. You need to be aware of your asthma all the time. It is harder to treat asthma that has been put off for so long. Don’t ignore you asthma, get treated right away. It will help your airways and stop the swelling and have you breathing right sooner. It is also important to know about the medicine you are taking to help your asthma. There are many asthma medications like beta 2 agonist, relievers, symptom controllers, inhalers, and steroid tablets. Beta 2 agonist jobs are to treat the inflammations inside your airways and reduce the risk of an asthma attack. A reliever relaxes the tight bands of your muscles around your airways. Symptom controllers are taking twice a day to keep the airways muscles relaxed and they usually last up to twelve hours. Inhalers contain both a beta agonist and a symptom controller in the one device and lastly the steroid tablets work slowly over several hours to reverse the swelling of the airways. All the medications are important to treating asthma. You just have to find the one that suits you the best.


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Never has there been such technology as we have seen in the past 10 years. Never the less, things continue to move at the speed of light. Technology has not been limited to the tech world. It has been rampant in the healthcare industry. Computers have changed the way Atlanta Medical Academy delivers their programs to their students. With the Moodle learning management system, they can deliver their programs via the world wide web. The conventional brick and mortar school is a thing of the past to say the least. Please see the technology updates and the changes at the upcoming Tech Expo in Atlanta, Georgia in August of 2012. To further your understanding of technology, you may want to visit your local bookstore and purchase the book written by John Piaget (High Tech High Touch).

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The way the medical industry is approaching online marketing is baffling to say the least. Search engine optimization and Advanced Cardiac Life Support are worlds apart, but they are semantically related as well. The success of the SEO expert is in direct relation with the survival of his or her business.  Such as ACLS is in relation to the survival of a cardiac arrest victim. Both are different, but require great understanding as well as attention to detail.

ACLS Certification Course:

  • Must understand Cardiology
  • I.V. Skills and proficiency
  • CPR skills and knowledge

Search Engine Expert:

  • Must understand Google
  • Analytical thinking required
  • Familiarization with Google webmaster tools

As we can see, these two crafts are semantically related in there significance and approach. With adequate training and education, there is very little success. To be successful at ACLS or SEO you have to dedicate time and effort to the job at hand. Last but not least, be sure to view educational material and attend training seminars.


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Medical Industry

The medical industry has made great strides in the development of emergency medicine. With the new standards coming from the American Heart Association, we can expect to have better return of spontaneous circulation on cardiac arrest victims. The PALS course has been revamped and the algorithms are ready to be implemented. Continue reading

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SEO for Doctors

There are many SEM gurus who are pushing search engine optimization for each and every business. The medical community has seen an increase in SEO and keyword research to attract more customers to their clinics. The term ACLS has been a keyword  that is super hot and attracts a lot of traffic according to SEO Quake. Not to mention the profitability for the business. Doctors and nurses who are business owners are starting to utilize search engines and the algorithms to drive traffic to their respective websites. Continue reading

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How to Get Better Rankings

Search Engine OptimizationThere are many Search Engine Optimization companies out in the virtual community claiming they have all the answers. While some may be on to something relevant to search rankings and great SEO knowledge, very few really posses the ability to get any website ranked on page one of Google. Be cautious and due your due diligence. Don’t get taken for $400 thousand dollars like I did in the beginning.  Continue reading

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